Self-Love Workbook

I know, tough question.
Loving ourselves can be hard, especially when the world around us is constantly telling us that we’re “not good enough.”
Well, f*ck them! (pardon my French!)
The truth is that you are enough. You’ve always been.
You are beautiful and amazing, exactly as you are.
You just forgot.
It’s time for you to remember how worthy of love and acceptance you are.

✨ The purpose of this Workbook & Habit Tracker is to help you remember your intrinsic worth and learn to
Love Yourself for exactly who you are! ✨

Get your bundle for only $16 and join me on this
Self Love revolution!

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$16 USD

Habit Tracker included with your
Self Love Mafia Workbook

These are Digital Books.
The bundle includes a Self Love Workbook and a Habit Tracker.
They’re .PDF files that you can fill-in digitally.
Ages 18+

💜 This irreverent Self-Love Workbook will help you deepen your relationship with yourself and learn to appreciate every aspect of your beautiful, badass being!

💜 The Habit Tracker complements your Workbook. It’s an easy and fun way to stay accountable to your self-love practices and take the best care of yourself.

💜 Get ready to Love Yourself wildly and create a life of your own design!

Preview of the workbook:

Buy now!

$16 USD


  • The Self Love Mafia Workbook is 55 pages long, and it’s divided into 6 chapters. 
  • Every chapter starts with an introduction, followed by a series of questions that will guide you through a self-discovery path. This path leads you to appreciate every aspect of your being and love yourself more and more every day!
  • This workbook is ready to be filled in digitally.


  1. Queenin’ –
    Get to know yourself better and nurture your relationship with yourself. Cherish every piece of you!
  2. Cheers to you! –
    Think of all the challenges you’ve overcome in life and allow yourself to celebrate your victories.
  3. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to! –
    Feel your feelings. All of them! You have every right to feel every feeling and process it in your own time.
  4. It ain’t over ’till it’s over
    Train yourself to see your past as a learning experience, not a life sentence. The past can be a great teacher.
  5. You do you, boo! –
    F*ck everyone else’s timeline and expectations! Find the courage to live your life for YOU.
  6. Let’s do this! –
    Take your power back by taking one brave step at a time. It’s time to become your own hero and live a life you’re very proud of!